I haven't received my download. What is the problem?

Please make sure that the WAP settings on your phone are correctly configured. Depending on the brand of your mobile, you need to set the WAP Push setting to "On", "Allow all", "Always", or "Receive all". Here are some hints on where to locate this setting:

  • Nokia:
  • Services > Settings > Service Inbox settings
  • Messaging > Settings > Service Msg.
  • Motorola:
  • Messages > Browser Msgs > Menu Button > Browser Msg Setup
  • Messages > Browser Messages > Browser Msg Setup
  • LG:
  • Internet > Push Messages > Receive
  • Samsung:
  • Fun Box > WWW Services > Push Messages > Setting
  • Fun Box > Wap Browser
  • Sony-Ericsson:
  • Messaging > WAP Push > Allow Push
  • Wap Services > Push Messages
  • Messaging > Wap Push

If in doubt, please refer to your mobile's manual or ask your mobile's manufacturer for assistance.

My download link has arrived, but I can't find it on my cell phone. Where is it?

The download link is in the body of a message that Jamster sent to your cell phone. Depending on the make of your phone, this message will go to your text or WAP Push inbox, also known as a "Service Inbox", "Funbox", "Browser Message Inbox", or simply "Push Inbox".

What do I do with the download link I received?

  1. Open the message Jamster sent you.
  2. Scroll down to the download link.
  3. Click on the link and you will be immediately connected to Jamster.
  4. The download will start automatically.
  5. When the download is finished, just save it.
  6. Have fun with your product!

Important notice: Never click "interrupt" during the download! Wait until the download is finished.

Why can't I download when I click on the link?

WAP might not be set up correctly on your cell phone. To get more help, go to: O2, T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, Three.

Why can't I set my Fun Tone as my SMS sound?

For some cell phones (e.g. Samsung, SonyEricsson, Motorola, and LG) it is not possible to set sound effects as message alerts. Please check to see if your cell phone allows jingles/ringtones as message alerts before ordering your download.