How do I get the game on my mobile?

  1. We will send you a download link via text message. You will find this message in your Inbox or in Service Messages.
  2. Open the link and you will be brought to our WAP site.
  3. Along with other interesting products you will find a link to download your game. Click on this link and confirm the installation question.
  4. During the installation you will receive a security notice, please answer YES to this. All of our games and applications are secure.
  5. The game will be automatically saved in the Games folder of your mobile phone. You can start the game from there.

How much will the download cost me?

The actual download costs are dependent on your mobile phone tariff and how big the game is. Most games that we offer are between 250kB and 600kB in size. The sizes vary with each mobile phone model.I didn't receive a download link. Where can it be? There are many possible reasons if you don't receive a text message from us.

  1. Your WAP settings are not right.
  2. With many of Jamster's great products, e.g. polyphonic ringtones, wallpapers and games, you will need to be able to download them through WAP. You will receive a service message or text message with your download link. To use this link, you must have the correct WAP settings installed on your phone. It is really easy to get these settings sent to your phone for free - just choose you mobile on this page, follow the instructions and they will be sent to you.
  3. Your mobile phone does not accept any WAP-Push service message.
  4. On some mobile phones, WAP pushes are not enabled. If this is the case, Jamster cannot send you a download link. Please make sure that the WAP settings on your phone are correctly configured. Depending on the brand of your mobile, you need to set the WAP Push setting to "On", "Allow all", "Always", or "Receive all".
  5. Siemens Mobile Phones Only) the HTTP- such as JAVA-Profile is not installed.
  6. With Siemens mobile phones, as well as the WAP settings having to be correctly installed, you must also configure the Java profile.
  7. Your mobile phone does not receive a download.
  8. Jamster offers lots for your mobile phone: realmusic ringtones, games and graphics. All of these downloads are created specially for different models of phones, as a result they will only work on a specified mobile phone model. To ensure that the product you are ordering will work on your mobile phone, always choose your mobile phone on the website first - then only products suitable for your phone will be displayed.

Why is the Download link not working?

You have received the link, but it won't work in WAP? Then it could be that you do not have the correct WAP settings installed on your mobile phone. To get more help, go to: O2, T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, Three.

What are Try-Before-You-Buy games?

These are games that can be played completely once for free. You only have to pay the download charges.

Are these games really free?

These games can be played completely once for free. You only have to pay the download charges.

What happens once I have played the game once for free?

Nothing - as long as that's what you want. If you like the game, you can easily purchase the game in a couple of clicks. If you don't like the game, you can choose from other free Try-Before-You-Buy games to download or buy.

Can I play the free game one more time?

No. If you want to play the Try-Before-You-Buy game again, you must purchase it. You can, of course, try other Try-Before-You-Buy game for free.

Are these games legal?

Yes. All producers of these games have given permission to us to allow you to try these games for free once before you buy them.

How does "Recommend to a friend" work?

From the game's menu you can send your friend a test message. They can then decide whether they would like to download the free Try-Before-You-Buy game.