Java Games

Aran The Escape

Having barely escaped the deadly Mines of Doom where Zarek kept him imprisoned, Aran the fearless Shaman now faces the Labyrinths of Lost Hope that were built in many layers to protect the mines. Zarek has ordered all his minions to pursue Aran and eliminate him in him attempt to escape at any cost. To protect himself from the wrath of Zarek, Aran needs to be agile and use his spells wisely. You will need to use all your skills and all the help you can get from any objects found lying around to guide Aran through the labyrinths alive. The only hope of survival is to sparingly use his spell casting powers to protect him while figuring out how to reach that portal out... Use the joystick or the keys 4/6/2/8 to move left, right, up and down. Press joystick or key 5 to place a spell, and key 7 to place a special spell (if you have some). The spell will activate after a short while, destroying any living creatures in it's vicinity (including you, Aran). Some monsters can be more resistant. Spells can also be used to open treasure chests, and to work switches. To get to the next level, use the teleport device. You may need to activate it by destroying all evil spirits. Press 0 to return to menu.