Java Games


It is the year 2000. The Predators have scoured the galaxy in search of big-game, and in humans, they have found an end to their quest. You are a high-ranking Predator. Much respected, and feared in the tribe - few other Predators have hunting skills at par with yours. As such, you have been given the honor of being the first to hunt the humans. Your scout-ship lands in the jungles of South America, near a secret military base. The hunt is on. Play as the Predator – built for the hunt! Walk, run, climb, jump and crawl through 8 levels of high-energy action! Face off with military personnel and hover-bots, while avoiding traps and automated base defense equipment. Collect trophies (skulls of defeated adversaries) and improve your ranking within the tribe. Take on the base commander and obtain his skull – the ultimate trophy in this hunt. It’s a one-on-one no holes barred with a worthy opponent!