Java Games

Mobstar X Pong

Mobstar X-Pong is an intense 4 player pong game. Choose from 6 characters in this futuristic sports game, and battle it out with up to 8 balls in play at once! Featuring realistic ball physics, special powerups, adrenalin pumping fast paced action and playability that you can just pick up and play, or spend a few hours playing through career mode, to become the Mobstar X-Pong grand master. The objective of Mobstar X-Pong is to eliminate your opponents by scoring goals. A goal is scored when a ball passes over a player’s goal line. At the start of each round players start with 10, 15 or 20 points. A player is out of the game when their score reaches 0. The winner is the last player still in the game. Each goal scored against a player decreases their points by 1. A special gold ball will appear sometimes. Hit the gold ball to reveal the pickup hidden inside.