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Viki Vans Codename Prometheus

The society is steeped in lies and betrayals. Nothing remained of the saint - depravity and recklessness are around. People have become slaves of power, money, fame. But there is another medication that can rid the world of corrupting illness ? it's the truth! Arm with revolver, grenades, and seek the path of truth and freedom together with Vicki Vance! Walk through the ruins of an abandoned town, explore the maze of the underground tunnels and get to the secret archives of Dominium. In the upcoming mission you will be given serious resistance: the soldiers, security cameras, mines and other dangers greatly complicate your life. Proceed according to the situation: some troubles are better to be passed by, and in other ones one can not do without weapons, and sometimes it is best to use a trick. Infiltrate the stronghold of the dictatorial power and, find what is carefully hidden from the human eyes. Discover the truth that will shake the world! One day the Greek hero named Prometheus, who brought the divine fire from heaven to earth and gave it to people, did the same thing.