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Interplanetary peace has been destroyed: Zorbak, supreme chief of the Venusians has suddenly declared war on the terrestrial confederation and advances with his enormous army against the bases on Sirius. The last hope against the alien threat is in your hands, captain: in fact, only your star fighter is able to tackle the cruisers and mother ships of Zorbak. Megablaster combines the playability of classic shoot 'em up to spectacular graphics. 4 difficulty levels, 20 battles with remote future environments, monsters, ever more potent and aggressive aliens: the Venusian's army plays all its cards and lines up to the last man. Cross interstellar space, the sky of Mars, Pluto's atmosphere. And never draw back, captain. During battles you can collect up to 10 bonuses to increment your attacking potential; but you can also utilize the components of mother ships destroyed. Courage! The fourth war of the worlds has begun!