Java Games

Gran Man

You'll need those hand grenades in this wild time-critical adventure game as you jump through floors, collect powerup's and zap monsters, mongoose and dragons. Then when you reach Witch Island defeat the Crazy Dinosaur who before you can release the princess! Oh and, watch out for those spooky ghosts! Game has five levels & player has three lives. Each level has different layouts. You have to throw two grenades to destroy the enemies. Otherwise they will come alive after a short while. Increased difficulty through increased number (& different types) of enemies. If all enemies in a floor are destroyed, you'll progresses to the next level. Powerup's will aid you to gain extra energy/power. It is a time bound game. You have to clear/win each level within the given time. Timer count down starts as soon as you start the game at each level. When time counts to zero, a ghost will appear & there is no way for player to escape from the ghost.