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Cyberspace is filling up with unloved, abandoned and glitched out cyber-pets, just like Furball. These Animentals, as we are calling them, often have serious problems with their behaviour. We rescue them and give them sanctuary, here at our special clinic. But, so many of them are now coming that we need your help in looking after them. By downloading your chosen Animental to your phone, you can nurse it back to health, and release into a suitable virtual environment that I've created. Wunderbar! Magnifique! This is what we call rehabilitation! If you can do it, you will receive a certified Dr Foof's carer's diploma and special access to some of our more disturbed Animentals. Who knows, you may even become a cyber-pet psychologist, like me! Good luck and remember, these cyber-pets are not just for Christmas, they'll drive you nuts for the whole year!